Monday, 1 April 2013

IATEFL Liverpool: The Beatles

The conference venue has three events with a Fab Four theme.
1. Pre-conference: Teacher Development A magical mystery tour from the Beatles to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic via Half-Man-Half-Biscuit (p.22) The Half-Man allusion is to a 1980s band and makes my heart sink but it will delight many fifty-something teachers. There is also a sing-along, so be warned.
2.  The world in which we live in: Beatles, blends and blogs David Crystal Tuesday 9th April: (p.58)
3. Creative legends: learning English with The Beatles in all ages Maria Estela Ribeiro Jardim Rondon (p.36 - not sure  that 'in all ages' works there btw)
See here for my graded version of the Beatles story & some teaching resources you can use to get in the mood.


  1. Hi Kieran, I got lost in translation... What did you mean by "not sure that 'in all ages' works there?
    Mrs Rondon's workshop? Are there videos we can watch? Anyone to post a little "review" on the top 5 best moments of IATEFL 2013.
    (Perth, Western Australia)

    1. Should it not be 'for all ages'? Or perhaps 'for every age/era?'
      All video sessions are here - please feel free to write a review and I'll publish it here


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